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Default Re: [Vehicles/Mecha] Macross/Space FIghter Idea

The after Rick and the others are taken prisoner and escape in the Battlepod, they get picked up by three Vylks which are clearly shown to be about 1/3 the size of the pod
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Default Re: [Vehicles/Mecha] Macross/Space FIghter Idea

Several shots in the anime are rather inconsistent in showing the scale. "Max's Veritech wearing a Zentraedi uniform" and "battloids and Zentraedi grappling" are pretty much indicative about how large the Veritechs in Battloid mode and Zentraedi are relative to each other, though. Tt's pretty much been consistent that the battloids were originally built to combat the Zentraedi, thanks to a deleted scene which had them discovering a Zentraedi skeleton inside the SDF-1 after it crashed (which made it into the novel series).

Also, the infantry combat battlepods and the command battlepods flown by Breetai and Khyron are probably different sizes; not sure which they got out in, to be honest. It's one of those "don't think about it too hard" deals.

Honestly, find a scale that works for you and run with it.

(Also, I must apologize for assuming you meant 4e's stats when you really meant 3e.)
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