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Default The Mechaniciansí Guild

What jobs listed on page ITL 58 do the members of The Mechaniciansí Guild work at?
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Default Re: The Mechaniciansí Guild

Any they're qualified for.

Or others that don't have a Cidri-wide standard, per the previous page: "Game Masters, of course, may create more jobs."

As for whether Mech' Guilds tend to offer any jobs, I'd say it probably varies a lot based on what their local situation is and what technology they've got going there. The guild description suggests to me that many of the Mech' Guild chapters are probably focused on technology and not much of an economic machine.

Clearly they identify artifacts (which are generally rare), but on a per-item basis, not as a steady job.

Clearly they also train mechanicians, which probably tends to involve a paid teaching job of some sort, but maybe mechanicians are tech-focused enough that that's rarely a full-time role.

Also clearly they make and maintain fine locks, gunpowder weapons, and other mechanical devices for people. That could use some typical job-table-like information, which yeah is kind of a missing thing from the job table.

I'd say there should be different entries not just for the level of Mechanician talent, but also for how dangerous their work is. A locksmith or tinkerer isn't going to be nearly as risky (and probably not as well-paid) as someone who works with explosives, or is willing to investigate artifacts, or as someone who is willing to work in other dangerous situations.

There could be quite a range of different mechanician jobs, which may be why there isn't a whole section trying to detail them. E.g., in rough order of dangerousness:

Mechanician Librarian
Mechanician Researcher
Mechanician Instructor
Builder / Maintainer / Repairer (pay & risk vary by tech and market)
Demolition Specialist
Trap Builder
Artifact Investigator
Trap Detector / Dismantler
Combat Mechanician
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