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Default No Move while Readying ?

I wonder why rules system designers have only put a step for the Ready maneuver. In fact, everybody is capable of running and drawing a blade, a gun or any item from his pocket without seeing his speed decrease. So why isn't it possible by the RAW ? To the book, you must slow down to 1 m/s to be able to take your blade, but what is the reason to force such an impossibility ? Even for openning a door (which is another option of Ready), I can, with enough synchronization, open a door while running (not sprinting, though) without lose much of my speed. How many cops have we seen running toward a cover while drawing his pistol ?

First, Fast-Draw isn't what I'm looking for. Fast-Draw enables to draw a weapon in less than a second. What I want is to be able to move the legs AND draw a weapon in a single second.

Second, drawing a weapon isn't much of a complicated move - the lack of dice roll proves it - and certainly less than an attack. And yet, it is possible to attack while moving (with a penalty, though), but not while readying. Strange.

I really think everyone, in particular fighters who are used to their weapons, should be able to Ready and take a full move. Maybe with a penalty to the Defenses because of the multi-tasking it imposes, but it isn't really difficult to operate something with your hand while your legs are moving (again, unless your legs or your arms do something very complicated, like attacking or running on a rocky ground)
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