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Default [Sorcery] Healing Potions

How a make a healing potion using Sorcery Magic items Rules? I use the Spell Minor Healing (pg. 17) to make the potion?

The spell give the advantage healing, I'm not sure if is the right way because the person need heal, not have the Ability to heal.

If the answer is yes: The cost seems hight more than $2,000, or I made some calculator wrong? What is the cost to make the potion and the cost to buy from a "magic shop"?
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Healing Potions

You would base it on the Minor Healing spell. A potion doesn't give the drinker the ability to cast the spell; a potion is a single casting of the spell.

Minor Healing is 32 points. A potion's multiplier is x0.12. So the EP needed are 3.84, which rounds up to 4 EP. The inherent value of the ingredients (at TL3) is $30. The wages are 4 x $320 = $1,280. So the "wholesale" cost is $1,310; it probably retails for twice that.

If you find that overly expensive, the simplest fix is to assume that sorcerous enchanters are fairly common in the setting -- or perhaps just sorcerous alchemists. That cuts the wage values in half.

In fact, if the Alchemy skill is particularly common in your setting, it might be reasonable to revise the wage calculation by assuming a higher average margin of success than 5. For example, if a typical alchemist has Alchemy-18 in your game, then every 25 enchanter-days would produce 8 EP on average, which means 3.125 enchanter-days per EP, which brings the wage cost per EP to (monthly pay) x (3.125/22). Assuming alchemists are common enough to rate Average pay, that would be ($700) x (0.142) = $99.43, which rounds to $100. The wholesale cost of a minor healing potion becomes $30 + (4 x $100) or $430.
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Healing Potions

Thank you very much. The Sorcery magic system is perfect for me to play using Forgotten Realms setting. I was waiting for a Power based magic system for long time with rules for magic item prices. I will use this suggestion because magic items are common in Faerun.
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