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Old 07-04-2015, 03:22 PM   #1
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Default Low Tech Rules with High/Ultra Tech

I frequently use the blunt trauma and edged weapons rule for low tech meaning you need double DR to actually cut into flesh (otherwise damage is crushing). However, I was wondering if this rule still works at a higher Tech Level?
Would a 40/20* monocrys suit require a whopping 81 damage before the damage is cutting? It seems a bit extreme to me, but maybe the armor really is that difficult to actually pierce, although the person in side would probably be smashed into oblivion like a crushed grape before his suit was eventually cut into.
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Default Re: Low Tech Rules with High/Ultra Tech

Well, the thing you have to realize with Low-Tech and Ultra-Tech is that each of the Tech books include rules that are important to the eras that they represent. In Low-Tech, melee combat is much, much more important, and as such, they give rules for resisting Cutting damage. If you want to mix those rules (and Ultra-Tech armor could certainly be better at resisting a blade), I don't see a problem with it. Its all up to the GM on if they want to mix the rules or not.

Does it fit the setting you're building? You could always say 'the armor is meant for high-speed projectiles, not low-tech weapons' and simply not use the rule for that armor. Or you could say 'Of course the rule applies to the armor, its the future!'. However, I just consulted my copy of Ultra-Tech, and Ballistic Armor like Monocrys does say it resists cutting blows.

Personally, I'd say 'yes', if that's a rule you wanna fiddle with.
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Default Re: Low Tech Rules with High/Ultra Tech

Also keep in mind that according to GURPS we won't be able to mass produce monocrys enough to become a common armor material until TL 11 as well as the fact that monocrys is made of strands of an artificial diamond like material that's as hard or harder then natural diamonds but lacking the things that make natural diamonds suck at being armor such as low toughness and more cleavage then the Dead or Alive franchise. In this case it's safe to say that cutting through this stuff should be kinda tough.
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