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Default Re: Dream-Quest at the Mountains of Madness

Originally Posted by Polydamas View Post
Penguins usually come up in Antarctic adventures as sympathetic helpers and sources of comic relief, since they have all the sympathetic virtues and vices. Of course, this Dreamlands' penguins and the things which prey upon them may be a bit unusual.
As the ritual that the PCs performed delivered them to a sort of metaphysical antechamber where they could arm themselves and prepare supplies before entering Ms. Delvona's Dreamlands proper, I decided they needed a representation of the Lord of the Crossroads, Papa Legba, to be the Gatekeeper in and out of the antechamber.

Initially, I wondered whether 'Nonc' Morel's pragmatic backwoods hoodoo should have a down-to-earth Lord of the Crossroads, in the form of a black rooster. Then, of course, I realised that Papa Legba could, in this situation, take no other form than penguin.

So He did. And He did greet them with a resounding "Tekeli-li!"

It's really too bad that Lucien Lacoste Impulsively decided to quote Fight Club at Him. Turns out, when you yell "Slide!" at the unimaginably powerful Lord of the Crossroads, you are apt to find the ice under you shift as you slide into unknown depths.
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