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Default Resources for syntactic magic

Is there additional stuff for Syntactic magic (Apart from thaumatology, where it is presented)? Like in a pyramid issue? I searched, but found nothing. Only in magical style I found a small section on how to use it for syntactic magic. It seems a little like the unloved stepchild to me.
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Default Re: Resources for syntactic magic

There's an example implementation here. It is in use by a character who bases his magic on Zoroastrian mysticism. Tally-based syntactic magic seemed to be the best fit.
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Default Re: Resources for syntactic magic

The final Pyramid issue has an article about using Realm Magic for Super-science. The linked thread deals with ideas for customizing Realm Magic, but a couple of the suggestions there can also be adapted for Noun/Verb Magic. Meanwhile, a lot of it involves adapting ideas from Nouns and Verbs for use with Realm Magic, letting you create a sort of hybrid of the two.
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