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Default The Official Ogre Multiplayer Meeting Post

The release of Ogre is coming, and as you might have heard the game comes with asynchronous multiplayer*. We’re really excited to connect Ogre fans all over the world, and with this thread we’re kicking off… The Official Ogre Multiplayer Meeting Post on Steam!

This is the place to introduce yourself to the wider Ogre community** and let people know what kind of Ogre matches you’re looking to play.

Plus! If you check the box next to the words “Subscribe to thread” when you post, you’ll be automatically updated whenever new players register on this thread, ensuring a steady stream of new opponents!

See you on the battlefield!

*“Asynchronous multiplayer” means you can have many different games of Ogre active at the same time, and we’ll keep track of them for you. You can be playing a match with a friend, perform all your actions, exit the match (or even the entire game itself!) and we’ll notify you when your opponent has responded, allowing you to continue your game at a later time.

**We’d be delighted for players to discuss aspects of the game here on Steam, but please try to keep those discussions in a different thread. This thread is specifically for players looking to find new opponents and connect with the rest of the community.
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