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Default RPM Rituals: Official, Semi-, Quasi- and Un-official

I'll be using the RPM system for a modern Monster Hunters/Secret Magic campaign set on the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. One player, playing a former homicide detective with medium and spirit powers*, is interested in having his character be learning to cast spells, but would prefer to be able to pick pre-defined spells to having to manipulate the RPM system for each magical act.

The list of rituals in the RPM supplement doesn't cover nearly all the spells that he might be interested in doing and as the player is unlikely to do the work and I always try to avoid unnecessary work, I thought I'd check what has already been published in addition to the basic book.

I was wondering if anyone can point me to a source for all RPM rituals that have been published by SJ Games, in supplements and Pyramid magazines, as well as those rituals privately written up on personal websites or these forums by authors involved in the Monster Hunter line and the RPM system. For that matter, I'd welcome pointers toward less official sources with well-designed RPM rituals.

I have Project Grimoire 2.02, but don't know if any further work has been done on that project (writing up GURPS Magic spells as RPM rituals). I would be very interested in RPM conversions for the Path/Book rituals in GURPS Thaumatology.

As for specific spells/rituals, I'm basically looking for anything that deals with spirits or can be justified as spirit-assisted. Speak with Dead, compelling or convincing non-sapient minor spirits to serve as spies, scouts or distractions, symbiotic protective arrangements with spirits, equivalents for Rider Within for spirits, pentagram wards, fetishes and amulets that protect from various kinds of spirits or specific spirit attacks (i.e. influence or possession), etc.

There will be other spellcasters in the campaign, so I'm going to need other kinds of rituals as well, including rituals that would be suitable for ritual magicians in traditions such as Hoodoo/Vodou/Vodú/Vudú/Voodoo/Brujería/Candomblé/Macumba/Obeah/Palo/Santería.

Can anyone assist me with links to online sources for rituals and suggestions for supplements and Pyramids to buy?

*A devout, if fallible, Catholic, he can sometimes see spirits around dead bodies and believes that before souls go on the afterlife, his gifts allow him to perceive them. He regards this as a divine duty to speak for the dead, finding justice or at least discovering the truth about victims of homicide, and regards the spirits of the deceased as persons with rights and feelings, whether he can perceive them or not.
Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela!

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