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Default Traveller miniatures in 28mm in US?

Curious if anyone has a great source of Traveller minis? Iím looking for Merchant crews and Scouts and starship crews. Some pistols but basically not full time combatants. I have a number of Heresy minis. Looking for a box of starship crew types.
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Default Re: Traveller miniatures in 28mm in US?

Ground Zero Games in the UK has a lot of different 25mm sci-fi miniatures, including civilians and lightly armed unarmored figures.
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Default Re: Traveller miniatures in 28mm in US?

I have been using old Star Wars Minatures and they worked just fine. The game is out of print, but common miniatures are very cheap from online stores. They are more like 30mm and plastic, though, but come pre-painted. The line includes many generic humans and even some Star Wars Aliens that can pass satisfyingly for Vargr and fteirle.
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