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Default [Adventure Seeds] Acid Spider

Inspired by the Dungeon Fantasy Monsters Adventure Seeds published during the Monsters 2 Kickstarter, I thought it would be fun for forumites to generate additional seeds. Each thread would be for a particular monster from the existing DFRPG canon (Monsters, Hall of Judgment, some in Pyramid). Followup within the threads with new seeds or related discussion. We can choose monsters that haven’t been done yet (as I’ve done here) or supplement the excellent work of Matt Riggsby and Peter Dell'Orto.

Acid Spider (Monsters, p. 16)
  • Eight Legged Freaks. Panic! Mayhem! Acid spiders are loose in town, leaping out from sewer entrances, abandoned buildings, and dark alleyways to prey on hapless residents. Tracking them through the sewers (or Undertown, in Caverntown) leads to the spiders’ labyrinthine lair – a network of shafts, tunnels, and caves etched by generations of spiders – perfectly designed for their size and tactics. At the center of the complex is a vast nesting chamber filled with egg sacs, young spiders, and gargantuan mothers who are very protective of their brood. Why have the spiders invaded? Are they simply hungry? Is there something worse than the spiders pushing them up from below? Or, has a local guild been cultivating the spiders for nefarious purposes?
  • Acid Rain. Something is preying on travelers on a caravan route near the badlands. Badly scarred survivors tell of silent, nocturnal attacks from above. Rumors spread of an acid breathing dragon. The reality is that a tribe of savage halflings have learned to breed acid spiders as war mounts. The halfling raiders are primarily scouts and barbarians led by powerful druids. They are night-adapted (add Night Vision 5) and have developed slingable acid grenades (Adventurers, p. 114) and acid arrows – treat like flaming arrows, (Adventurers, p. 105) but their follow-up is corrosion damage. The druidic leaders have vermin control spells and may have mastered alternate acid-related spells (reskin water spells as needed). Their hidden lair is protected by acid spiders, of course, and swarms of lesser spiders. Potential loot includes stolen treasure, acid grenades, druidic concoctions, and, perhaps, the secret to taming the spiders.

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