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Default Sapient Mounts as Patrons

In several fiction series, characters possess sapient mounts who are much more capable than the central character. One such example is Temeraire from the Temeraire series by Naomi Novak. Temeraire is a young dragon of phenomenal intelligence who grows to a mass of around 20 metric tons, making him SM+5 in GURPS. He possess fine manipulators and, since he is capable of carrying dozens of crew, supplies, and armor, he probably possesses the equivalent of ST 200 (giving him a basic lift of 8,000 lbs and costing him 950 points). His strength is not phenomenal for heavyweight dragons (some of which are SM+6 and possess the equivalent of ST 300), but his other abilities make him the equivalent of a 2,000 point character. His companion was probably a 250 point character when he first encountered him.

My question is would you allow a character to purchase a sapient mount as a Patron? Temeraire would probably be a 20 point patron for his companion and would appear on a 15- (he is very attached to his companion), so he would presumably cost 60 points. Of course, the mount would be an NPC of incredible power, so I could understand forbidding it, but it offers fascinating possibilities.
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Default Re: Sapient Mounts as Patrons

I seem to remember some sort of fantasy series where divinely-blessed horse-shaped people chose human compatriots as champions for an isolated kingdom.

I think it had a few books.

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Default Re: Sapient Mounts as Patrons

I would do the Temeraire books troupe-style, with each PC playing a dragon and its crew.
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