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Old 09-19-2019, 10:36 AM   #1
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Default GURPS Space sector maps ?

Besides using a Traveller template, what other methods are in use for maps for Gurps Space ? I have the planet map template. I am looking for sector and sub-sector ideas.

I did a search in here, and on the store, but all I could find were planet maps.

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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

Is this what you're after?

GURPS Classic: Space Atlas:

URPS Classic: Space Atlas 2:

GURPS Classic: Space Atlas 3:

If you're interested in 3D maps that you can create on your own, you may want to consider buying Astrosynthesis 3.0

It isn't hard to find the near earth space within 20 light years from their web site. It even has the ability for you to use it as a database of star generation where you can export the result as an HTML file.

The other thing that makes Astrosynthesis interesting in my eyes is the fact that you can view the system data (ie it makes a map of the star plus its orbiting bodies). Each planet can have the following data entered such that:

Distance (km) of orbit
Retrograde orbit (if desired can be checked)
Ascending Node (degrees)
Periapsis angle (degrees)
Time past Periapsis (Days)
Rotation (hours)
Axial Tilt (degrees)
Orbit Color (can be filled in as desired for the color you want)

Want a relatively detailed map of the solar system? It can show the orbits of the following:

The Asteroid Belt
Kuiper Belt

Mars moons (2)
Jupiter (66 moons)
Saturn (38 moons)
Uranus (38 Moons)
Neptune (13 Moons)
Pluto (1 moon)

In theory? If you can get your hands on reasonably accurate data, you could use this to set up a TRANSHUMAN SPACE map for where the planets are in any given location at any given time - all you need to know is on what day they will be at Periapsis, and then calculate how many days past Periapsis they are on any given date that you set your star (solar) system for. Then hit the time function to speed up the "simulation" of the orbital movements - and you have a movie of what is where and when. Keep in mind that if you want to see ALL of the planets motion in the screen, you have to zoom out to where the inner orbits all tend to merge. But if you wanted to run a campaign set in a realistic setting for the Solar System, it might be what you want. Question is - do you want to pay the price it costs?

There are other "sector" style maps you can get your hands on, including TRAVELLER 2300 AD. Heck, you can even pick up a copy of 2300 AD on a single CD ROM from Far Future Enterprises for $35 - where it includes the near stars list and the like. Someone made the effort once upon a time (don't now if the file is still available these days) of including the "Travel lines" where the stars can't be more than 7.1 light years apart.

Hope this helps. :)
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

I don't know that Gurps really encourages anything beyond just writing down distances or coordinates. So much depends on the FTL system, and Gurps doesn't tie itself to one.

The old space atlas series (3e) used a grid, stuck the stars on the line intersections (As opposed to in the squares) and added the third dimension of the star's location as a number next to it. It also included a table of all the distances from one star to another.
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

Xena is now Eris. Boy is that amount of moons wrong. Uranus has never had 38 moons. It has 27, the last time I've heard.
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

I have several pdfs I bought either through the store here or on DriveThru. Space Atlas doesn't look familiar, but I think I do have one of them, bought years ago as a paperback.

I have Astrosynthesis via my Profantasy mapping software account; however, the text is a pain to read with my old geezer eyes.

So, I'll just make up a grid system then.

Thanks for your replies.
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Prince Charon
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

There's also GURPS Space Atlas 4, which for some reason is not on W23 (and which I thought was from 4e, but apparently it's several years older than that). There doesn't appear to be a Space Atlas 5 yet, which probably would be 4e if it ever exists.
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

There is a good source for maps of the stars near Sol on the Actual Maps page of Winchell Chung's indispensible 3-D Starmaps site.

I also use the Astrogator's Handbook by Michael McCollum at Sci Fi Arizona.
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

I am semi-familiar with Project Rho. Well researched information.

As for buying something, that will have to wait as I'm on limited income.

I may just punt and come up with a coordinate system. I have the beginings of a web site, but no maps currently. It will all be free with no adverts when I get it started.

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David Johnston2
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

Personally I prefer the node/tramline style of star map with lines drawn between circles representing the points of interest with distance numbers on the lines if needed. True three-dimensional map quickly get incomprehensible.
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Default Re: GURPS Space sector maps ?

I'm working out a method of trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron mapping for space games, but I don't think its for everybody.
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