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Default [Spaceships] Homebrew: Alternate Habitats

A couple of alternate habitat modules that have occurred to me recently:
  1. Computer Room: Contains a hardened(†) macroframe computer (equivalent to a SM+12/13 Control Room system, see GURPS High-Tech p.20-2 for TL8 or less, and GURPS Ultra-Tech p.22 for TL9+) with terminals and backup data archives. How they are equipped depends on the tech level. (†Note: TL7+ only (see below).)
    • TL6 - Mechanical or Electromechanical computers are too primitive to respond to EMP, so they don't need to be hardened and weight two tons as opposed to four tons for more advanced systems. Even with two Primitive Terminals required (one input, one output), the total mass is only 2.5 tons and thus will require only half a cabin space. Complexity 1, $1.01M, stores 100 KB. A half-cabin terminal room with 10 Primitive Terminals (paper-tape readers, typewriter-like card punches, automatic card sorters, blinking display panels, etc.) may be added for $50K. Primitive Data Storage contains 500 MB and costs $10K per ton.
    • Early TL7 - Vacuum Tube computers are considered hardened "at no extra cost"; I do not take this to mean no extra mass. This includes one Primitive Terminal for input or output (see above for alternate media types), four Workstation Terminals, two printers and 0.5 tons of Primitive Data Storage archives. Complexity 2, $1.012M, stores 100 MB, with the archives storing 250MB and costing $5,000. A 100 reel Magnetic Tape archive costs $10K, stores 100 MB-300 MB and weighs 0.35 tons.
    • TL7 - Hardened Transistor computers (and later ones) cost twice as much as Vacuum Tube computers because of the shielding. This includes eight Workstation Terminals, two printers and a 200 reel Magnetic Tape archive. Complexity 3, $2.009M, stores 100 MB, with the archives storing 200MB-600MB and costing $20,000.
    • TL8+ - The hardened computer itself stores 100 TB (at TL8), costs $2M, and weighs 4 tons, leaving 1 ton for terminals, peripherals and data archive storage. Since this computer will most likely be networked with offices, labs and even the ship's system, this extra tonnage can be customized as suits. Each TL after TL8, multiply storage capacity by 1,000 (i.e., replace TB with petabytes at TL9, exabytes at TL10, zettabytes at TL11, and yottabytes at TL12.) Complexity is 6 at TL8, 8 at TL9 and equal to the TL later.
  2. Cramped Establishments: Many ships with smaller crews and/or few passengers do not require the services of a full scale establishment, but do need a place to spend off-duty or recreational time. Alternatively called "Utility Rooms", these one cabin establishments have standing or seating room for up to 10 patrons*, and are usually operated by a single crew member who may have other regular duties (during which the room is either "closed" or unsupervised). While many are general purpose with equipment and supplies for specific functions (each one taking an hour to set up and break down) stored in locked cabinets or steerage cargo, some have special equipment permanently installed dedicating them to a single purpose. (*Note: - "Brothel" establishments seem to me to be under-staffed and over patronized (a one-to-one ratio makes more sense). The "establishment" itself should refer to the public lounge/club area where patrons and "staff" socialize, with some private rooms (cramped cabins) reserved for more …ahem… personal entertainment. In less formal situations, the "staff" may be part-timers with other more critical duties when not "entertaining". ;) )
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Homebrew: Alternate Habitats

I believe the Control Room system includes the ship's computer, but I assume you're referring to additional computing power. I could actually see this in a Star Trek game where the computer (semi-canonically*) takes up significant space in the hull. It might also be useful for Traveller-style X-Boats where the ship consists of a jump drive, fuel, space for a single crewman and the rest filled with computers and communications gear.

I think Eric Smith's spreadsheet has the ability to include single-cabin establishments, and I assumed they were RAW anyway, but it's nice to have a detailed write-up beyond a blank in Excel.

* Never seen on screen but included in the show runner's bible and in fan-oriented technical guides from the official "tech guy."

I might propose:

Commons: Habitable space not dedicated to any particular use besides a common area for crew and passengers to intermingle. Often functions as a dining area, entertainment space, exercise room, short-term habitation and other roles often delegated to a terrestrial "living room."
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