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Default [DF] Demons

Demons are sworn enemies of the gods and for that reason the gods have power over them as they are cursed to be separate from the creation. Some demons are those servitor races created by the gods that have rebelled. The Christian demons are led by Satan are an example and they have been imprisoned in Hell. Other demons are just born and from the time of birth they have been an enemy of the gods as well. These would include fire demons in Norse mythology. Others were the creations of older gods who have been deposed by the newer gods and thse would include the spawn of Tiamat and Apep.

In any case, demons wish to destroy what the gods have created. Many are just monstrous and violent but other desire to corrupt the souls of those that the gods have created. The soul is the ultimate creation of the gods and it exisits even when the material creations of the universe fade away. By corrupting the souls it not only satisfies the demons, it also can turn the creations of the gods against them and possibly with enough souls then the demons can overtake the gods.

To corrupt souls, demons often strike bargains with the promise of immediate gratification or power in exchange for the souls of mankind. Demon lords often demand worship and sacrifice as it please them greatly to have the creations of the gods worship them and also kill in their name. Demon lords do not have the power to create life however, they can only steal life from other creations of the gods. But demons can create undeath and it is this power that that they use to extend the lives of those that serve them. Demons are involved with the teaching of necromantic spells to mortals. Those mortals who are selfish and wish to extend their lives beyond the natural order of the gods often learn spells like liche or wraithe. Other mortals who wish to extend their lives can pray to demons and upon death they will be afflicted with vampirism. Those of lesser importance are transformed into ghouls when they die.

Mankind that desires to live forever often build dungeons to hide away from the notice of the gods. Many liches and other powerful undead live deep below the earth in dungeon to guard the material wealth and magic that they have obtained in both life and unlife. In these dungeons is where demon worshipping can go on without notice. Great wizards and demonologists can perfect unholy spells in total privacy. But there is always a hitch when working with demons, the more powers bestowed upon the demon worshippers, the more bound their souls become and as their souls become bound there is great fear among undead and demon worshippers that when die they will go to Hell and be punished for eternity. So the undead and demon worshipper try in all costs to stay in the mortal realm. To do this, the demon worshippers must perform more and more horrible rituals and sacrifices in order to please their demon masters. Should they try to escape from their fate, demon lords will send forth armies of demons to collect their rightful soul. It is for this reason that undeath is chosen so that those who followed demons will have more time to evade their punishment.
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