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Dr. Beckenstein
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Default IW - Elevator pitches

So, what have you and your group done in the Infinite Worlds setting?
(Yes, I need ideas)

Tell it in just 1W6 sentences.

To start:

Dead people show up in various timelines on quantum 6. Looks like Infinity has a serial killer among it's employees. The pc have to bring him to justice before he a) kills even more people and b) defects to Centrum.
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Hero of Democracy
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Default Re: IW - Elevator pitches

In the setting? -- note not all of the missions are appropriate for all parties

Stop WWI on an echo (yes, this is more of a centrum or rouge mission)

Intercept a spy getting word to centrum agents on a dinosaur filled world. Centrum has more men than you here. They also have a satellite that changes quantum periodically and gives information on your position. and did I mention the poachers?

Figure out if a given world with minor magic is safe to explore. This world had massive golems and pyramids that functioned as communication devices between egypt and mexico, but the players don't know that yet.

provide transportation off yrth for a dragon. Dragon is selfish and doesn't see much point in human life, but higher ups cut a deal.

The main game I played incorporated infinity into a larger setting, so some of the aspects don't translate nearly as well
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Default Re: IW - Elevator pitches

"What are you talking about? There are no 'Dracula Tours' on Sherlock-3."
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Default Re: IW - Elevator pitches

As Cabalists, discovered where Echoes come from, and leveraged that into ending the Infinity-Centrum conflict and establishing three-way diplomatic relations.
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adventures, infinite worlds, plots

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