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Default [Sorcery] Advantages as Afflictions and Enhancements

I was recently putting together a shrink spell for my wizard, and ran into something strange. If I wanted my enemy to be able to bring some equipment with them when they shrink, or if I wanted them to have full HP, my spell ends up costing more (Because those are both enhancements), despite the attack being obviously less powerful. Is there any reasonable way to deal with adding "enhancements" to harmful abilities?
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Advantages as Afflictions and Enhancements

Despite it being less powerful as an attack its more powerful as a buff on your friends, so it should cost more.
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Advantages as Afflictions and Enhancements

Throw on Selective as well. That way friends/allies get full equipment and all the other beneficial mods (full health? full damage? full move? full ST?) while opponents get the worst of it (no equipment, fractional values, etc).
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Advantages as Afflictions and Enhancements

Roughly halve the value of the Enhancement and make it negative (as a Limitation), and treat the ability as having a built-in Pact (no discount) to not use the Limitations to your advantage (such as by using the spell to shrink a friend). Note this only works when the players don't pay too much attention to how things work within the setting (although you could find ways to justify such a treatment - perhaps the rules of magic strictly define spells as offensive or defensive in nature, and you literally cannot use offensive spells against those you consider allies).
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