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Captain Joy
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Default Gunslinger Pop-Up Attacks

GURPS Gun Fu adds "Ignore the -2 for pop-up attacks" to the Gunslinger advantage, which already allows "When firing single shots (RoF 1-3) from a one-handed weapon, you get the Accuracy bonus of your weapon without the need for an Aim maneuver" (B58).

My question: if I have the Gunslinger advantage and make a pop-up attack with my RoF 3 pistol, may I add my pistol's Acc bonus to my skill?
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Default Re: Gunslinger Pop-Up Attacks

It looks like Pop-Up attacks are variants of the Attack maneuver, so Gunslingers should get the Acc bonus. If they were variants of the Move and Attack maneuver, the Gunslinger would not get the Acc bonus.
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