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Old 06-21-2019, 09:32 PM   #21
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by a humble lich View Post
Edit: Now I want to go and watch more Heroes.
Dear lord! Why would you do that to yourself?! ;-)

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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Back in 3e I had a character who could probably be done on 250 in 4e. "Purple Haze" was the ghost of a rock musician who'd died of an overdose. He was intangible (always), usually invisible, and could exude a cloud of purple euphoric gas that he used to make everyone chill out.

Originally Posted by martinl View Post

Thirteen Raccoons in a Trenchoat is, well, 13 raccoons in a trenchcoat. However, in the coat they are never noticed as unusual and can perform most actions that a regular human could. Dispersed they are as capable as 13 raccoons working in tandem. In either form they have a fairly clever, if odd, hive intelligence.
Originally Posted by a humble lich View Post
Well done. I love this, and I now have a desire to play them as a character.
I've got a writeup of a swarm of lizards in a trenchcoat who's currently 150 points but could easily be beefed up for this. I should look for that.

EDIT: Hey Dude/Hola Tipo

Hey Dude is a product of improper disposal of alchemical wastes in the dumps of El Paso/Juarez (in the GURPS Technomancer setting). They appear as a vaguely humanoid mass of writhing lizards, usually crammed into a full-length trenchcoat, a broad-brimmed hat, and a rubber Leonard Nimoy mask. They keep their hands in their pockets most of the time, since it's hard to hide that their fingers are geckos. Hey Dude learned both English and Spanish from a child's discarded tablet, which has an enchanted Eternalife™ battery. They are active in several online communities and use the tablet's text to speech function when they have to communicate in person. Hey Dude is built on a standard 150 points.

ST: 8 [-20] DX:12 [40] IQ:12 [40] HT:11 [10]

Damage 1d-3/1d-2; BL 13 LB; HP 8; Will 12; Per 12; FP 11; Basic Speed 5.75
Basic Move 5

Acute Smell +1 [2]
360 vision [25]
Discriminatory Smell [15]
Sharp Claws [5]
Injury Tolerance: Diffuse (Swarm +0%, Scatter +40%, Tenuous-50%) [90]
Innate Attack 1d-2 (Toxic, Follow up (Claws) +0%, Side Effect (Agony) +150%) [10]
Speak with Lizards [10]
Signature Gear (Tablet) [1]

Appearance: Monstrous [-20]
Bad Grip 2 [-10]
Cannot Speak (Mitigator: Tablet -60%) [-6]
Clueless [-10]
Cold-Blooded [-10]
Disturbing Voice [-10]
Dead Broke [-25]
Low Empathy [-20]


Brony [-1]
Eats with their hands (literally) [-1]
Dances to salsa music (It's terrifying to watch) [-1]


Area Knowledge (The bad part of town) (E) IQ [1] - 12
Brawling (E) DX+1 [2] - 13
Computer Operation (E) IQ+1 [2] - 13
Games (Computer) (E) IQ [1] - 12
Hobby Skill (MLP lore) IQ (E) [1] - 12
Scrounging (E) Per+2 [4] - 14
Stealth (A) DX-1 [1] - 11
Survival (Urban) (A) Per+1 [4] - 13

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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
I just...and then read this...and...I laughed so hard reading this. Can I use this in my supers campaign? 'Cause it's amazing.
I stole and lightly adapted it myself. Feel free.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by a humble lich View Post
Well done. I love this, and I now have a desire to play them as a character.
Please report back if you do. The resulting chaos may well be GLORIOUS.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
I've got a writeup of a swarm of lizards in a trenchcoat ...
Noice. Have you posted these guys before, they seem familiar...
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
With respect, I can't resist an unsolicited minor re-write of this:
Suicide Girl is DOA's girlfriend. She is Unkillable. This makes her the clear supreme physical monster in this group, and she knows it, but her generally downbeat and unassertive personality and personal loyalty to DOA, who secretly writes goth poetry and really "gets" her despite the toughguy act etc, keeps her from flexing her muscle within the group unless roused directly. When bullets are already flying, she's front and center. When the group needs a subtle threat, not a hairy beast, she is their glum but unflappable envoy. She doesn't give the orders, but word is the power behind the Dead Boyz is a girl who won't die.
Well, it depends on what else she can do. If 'all' she is is unkillable, she's good as a bullet magnet, and that's about it. Unkillability, regeneration, etc. aren't much use in a powered combat environment unless they let you use some other ability in ways it couldn't otherwise be used. They are very handy in other areas, of course - they misadventure-proof you.
Rupert Boleyn

"A pessimist is an optimist with a sense of history."
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Prince Charon
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

I have a team of characters who fit here, all being 100 points or less, and likely to die soon after their heroic careers begin, in the mid-1980s. I can post the actual character sheets if people want (though mostly they are works-in-progress, I've been working on them for a few years), but to save space, I'm just going to post summaries for now:

The Breakfast Club of Heroes

That's what they called themselves, after a recent movie that resembled who they were, and to a lesser degree, how they met. Rather than the school library, they were brought to the chemistry lab, and told to clean it. Frank and Luke were goofing around with the chemicals, Gennyfer was reading Cosmopolitan, and Laurie and Ethan were half-heartedly trying to clean (and ignoring Luke and Frank), while Ethan made a rather sad attempt at flirting with Laurie. Then a bolt of lightning came in thought the window, exploding bottles and bathing the five students in electrified chemicals. When they woke up in the hospital, they had powers.

Franklin Szustakowski, 'Kinetic Man,' 1985
Frank is a football player, as well as a self-taught armourer (skill 9 in making Body Armour) and fireworks maker (skill 10). He has Telekinetic Control 6, based on Will instead of IQ, and some useful Perks. Also, he's the one with a car. I think I posted a version of him in another thread, though I'm not sure which one.

Laurie Wittermeyer, 'Gizmogirl,' 1985
Gizmogirl is the team's Gadgeteer (and has Gizmos 3 and a Talent for psi-tech), despite not being the technical type before she got her powers. She's also a rather shy girl and a compulsive liar, as well as a pretty decent poet (skill 12). Tends to wear black all the time.

Ethan Mizner, 1985
Ethan hasn't picked a hero name as yet. He's a smart kid and a serious nerd, of the sort that you'd expect to be a gadgeteer, but is instead the team's hacker and illusionist (Data Retrieval 1, I/O Tap 1, Photorefraction 3, Hologram 3) - the former at least is consistent with his existing skills, before getting powers.

Gennyfer Saunders, 1985
Gennyfer hasn't picked a hero-name yet, but is determined to be one. She's very much a girly-girl, though she did take up martial arts training before getting powers (she liked the look of some of the male students). Her power seems to be self-directed Psychic Healing, with slightly enhanced strength, Unkillable 1, Regeneration (Slow), and Recovery. She's likely to grow rather more powerful over time (the 2019 version of her that I'm working on has Unaging and is much, much stronger and harder to injure, but is too powerful to fit in this thread, being over 1,000 points).

Luke Henderson, 1985
Like Gennyfer and Ethan, Luke has yet to come up with a hero name. He's a rather thuggish boy, the oldest on the team, who prefers not to admit that he has a fascination with medicine, as he's sure he's not smart enough to become a doctor; nonetheless, he's the team's First Aid guy. Powerwise, Luke is the lucky one (Adjustment 6, Second Chance 1), but is also the team's Weirdness Magnet. His father, who knows about his powers, is helping him to customize his motorcycle.
Warning, I have the Distractible and Imaginative quirks in real life.

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Five Earths, All in a Row. Updated 9/28/2020: On Torture article has been posted.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Por Que no Los Dos has an unusual probability alteration power that allows her to take both sides of a binary decision and get the benefits of both and the deficits of neither. An ambitious genius with this power might be terrible, but she mostly uses it for conflict resolution, making friends, and throwing really awesome but also really weird parties.

is an ordinary man who can transform into an ordinary split level ranch.

Crimson Observer somehow got a hold of a map book and field radio for Hell's artillery battery. Can use the forward observer skill to call in an artillery barrage anywhere in the city. Hells' artillerists are neither particularly skilled nor are they worried about collateral damage. The radio's batteries require innocent blood to recharge.

Earth Worm has a keen intellect and an impressive array of nature manipulation powers, but is physically just an earthworm. Normally does hero stuff from inside a humanoid construct of living soil or vines.

Knee Brace can lock of the knee joints of any humanoid she can see.

Junk Drawer has a very large gadget pool, but on a roll of 7 or more on 3d, the gadget he gets in not what he wanted, and on a 11+ doesn't actually work.

Triple Espresso is a speedster who lacks any special resistances as well as lacking any enhanced time sense. Despite self medicating with large amounts of stimulants and armoring up to the best of his ability, mostly just has terrible accidents. That's where the extremely slow and painful regeneration ability comes in.

Sharkman in a Sharkmankini
is exactly what it says on the tin. If battle in anticipated, he will break out the Chainmail Sharmankini. In either case, there seems to be a whole week's worth of socks in there...
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Mysterious Dark Lord v3.2
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Stick-Guy is ... well, he's a guy with a stick. He hits his enemies with a broom handle. Working his job as a convenience store clerk, Stick-Guy keeps his neighborhood clear of minor thugs. He occasionally gets roped into weird things.

But besides that, Stick-Guy's a bit of a schlub. Think Philip J. Fry without the ambition or charisma.

But once he gets into a situation that can be handled by beating people with a mop handle, he's incredible.

He has Unfazable, Weapon Master [Staves] and Daredevil 10 - Give him a stick and he can jump fearlessly into battle and astound everyone.
He also has Imbuement 3 [Staff] with a half-dozen Imbuement skills.

In fact without the listed Advantages, he's a rather pathetic character. Outside of melee combat with a stick he's a waste of oxygen.
"When you talk about damage radius, even atomic weapons pale before that of an unfettered idiot in a position of power."
- Sam Starfall from the webcomic Freefall
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David Johnston2
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

The Freakers are a team of fugitives constantly on the run from the evil laboratory where they were being held captive until they managed to escape as well as the authorities for the many times they have stolen transportation and the necessities of life. Their members include:

Daddy Long Legs: Daddy has stretching, but only in his legs.

Gloworm: Has his legs fused together. This is unrelated to his ability to generate bright light.

Reptilian: Reptilian is a brilliant physicist and mathematician from a much more advanced civilization who, with the right equipment might be able to build a time machine or an interstellar teleporter. He's not sure which.
Unfortunately the right equipment is in short supply and he also lacks the equipment to speak English. He has scales, claws and a tail.

Kid Kaos: When agitated Kid manifests poltergeist activity. His lack of control makes him a problematic member, but the others bear in mind that his outbursts are what let them escape in the first place.

Fallen: An extremely beautiful hermaphrodite who can float a bit, and heal and tranquilize people by touching them. They have a set of non-functional wings, one of which is horribly mangled. Fallen doesn't seem to be able to heal that.

Figurine: A girl who would more accurately be described as translucent than invisible. She looks like she's made of glass. If she's naked she's hard to see, almost impossible if the lighting is poor.

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