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Old 08-22-2019, 03:31 PM   #251
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

One Trick Pony: Charlene Hyatt* is a shy, average-looking 19-year-old who has the ability to transform into a pony-sized (SM+1?) unicorn. The horn of said unicorn (either a Striker or Natural Weapon, depending on what rules you use) has a curious property - any non-virgin human who touches it is shredded as sudden blades made of their own blood erupt from their arteries and veins (treat as a high-damage Cutting Follow-Up; it should be a Blood Agent, but that’s incompatible with Follow-Up). The unicorn form has enhanced “battle instincts,” in the form of Combat Reflexes and a sizable racial bonus to Brawling. Aside from her transformation ability, the only notable qualities of Charlene to separate her from other college students are decent Brawling (which carries over when she goes unicorn) and Judo skills, primarily for self-defense. She’s also terrified losing her virginity would cause her to either lose access to the unicorn form or, worse, make it so the horn’s special ability would kill her if she did transform (treat as a Vow of Celibacy with an associated Pact Limitation on her horn and its follow-up).

OTP is classified as a dangerous vigilante. She generally goes after suspected sexual offenders, and takes the fact her power works on them as evidence they are guilty (on the bright side, at least one innocent man was exonerated after taking a horn to the gut, but he’s still paying off his medical debt). She probably operates in the same general area as Iron Maidenhead, Mr Johnson, and Trouser Snake.

*Best horse-themed name I could think of without it being obvious. She’s frequently called “Char” by family and close friends, and saying “Char Hyatt” quickly sort of sounds like “chariot.”
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Jump the Shark - Jump was just a regular mako shark in an aquarium before she ate some bad chum tossed in by the regular chum bucket. Then her intelligence skyrocketed to genius levels and she gained the power to take on a were-shark form and exist out of water for a short time. But when she smells blood in the water, she reverts to her savage instincts.

I picture her as a Hulk type antihero character, one that just wants to be left alone but forces outside her control won't give her any peace.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Joshua MacLeod wanted to be a dancer, but was a klutz who couldn't dance. Then he discovered The Being (Angel? Demon? Genie? Sexy Leprechaun? All of the Above?), who granted him a Wish.

He wished to be able to dance and have everyone "be mesmerized by my dancing".

And that's what he got. His agility was amazing, practically superhuman, and he was a glorious dancer. But everyone who watched him dance was paralyzed until he stopped. He obviously couldn't be a professional dancer. Not even a performer in amateur productions.

Fortunately, Joshua lived in a world of super-beings, and occasionally a super-menace would cause mass panic and riots. His powers were ideal for that!

But if his power was widely known, someone might try to force him to use his power for evil. He couldn't accept that.

So how to use his powers for good and make sure no one tried to find out his true identity? No costumes, a costume would be a giveaway ...

Then he got the idea.

And when monsters attacked, he went into action, dancing and causing paralysis, wearing a mask ... and nothing else.

Thus was born the most ... problematic super-hero in the city ... The Unknown Pervert!
"When you talk about damage radius, even atomic weapons pale before that of an unfettered idiot in a position of power."
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

The Void

The Void exists, but no one can remember her appearance, even her numerous lesbian lovers. She is undetectable and unmemorable, though she seems to be attractive enough to gain the attention of the women who are her lovers. The only way authorities know of her existence are her calling cards, ebony cards of heavy cardstock with 'The Void' embossed in gold leaf.

The Void uses her abilities for theft and for love, as she is willing to go to absurd lengths to sleep with the right woman, especially if the right woman is a married woman. Despite the best attempts of law enforcement, mundane and super, the authorities do not even have a single fingerprint from her, so they have no idea who she really is.

(Her ability is The Void: Invisibility (Affects Machines, +50%; Can Carry Objects, Light, +20%; Cosmic, +50%; Extended (Total), +100%; Selective Effect, +20%; Switchable, +10%; Time-Spanning, +50%) [160]. Her Time-Spanning allows her to remove any memory or record of her appearance from the past.)
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Mr. Bones (a low powered skeleton brick) and The Incredible Amoeba (a SM0 pink amoeba-monster) are a crime fighting duo. Their secret identity is Jess Duo, who finds the transformation process (his bones literally ripping free from his body to form Mr. B., as his flesh rejoins into the boneless IA) so incredibly painful that he has developed a severe painkiller addiction.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Ms. Modesty is a low end speedster (so 'swift' but not 'bullet speed') with a ranged crushing attack in the form of high velocity infant bones. The ammo for the attack is limited by how exploitative the target is - it is somehow the metaphorical bones of the targets victims made manifest. Unknown to her, she will lose her powers the moment she becomes engaged.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Rabbit Ears: Acts as an antenna/receiver without any frequency limitation, but only while hopping in place and holding a device that can work with the signal.
Analgesic: His gnarled and meaty thumbs act as potent painkillers and fever relief medicine, but only when used like a suppository. Can be used on himself.
Tweaker: Has incredible arm strength when tweaking things with her thumbs and index fingers.
Grant Access: Master lockpick and 'security cracker', fingertips constantly generate a reddish powder not unlike the dust generated by a somewhat popular snack. Loves playing videogames.
Dandy Lion:Can float small distances, but only if someone blows on him.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

It bothers me when I have to be the one in the room who says maybe this thread is focusing on weird butt stuff excessively. I don't see myself as that guy. If I have to be that guy, things are pointed sideways.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

The Monkey

The Monkey is a male Japanese Macaque who was genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced by a mad scientist into a superhuman monkey. After killing his creator and freeing his other creations, he started a criminal organization that spans North America. In recent years, his organization has been fighting for control of the lucrative marijuana trade between Ontario and New York, using his allies from the lab to kill his human competitors quickly and quietly.

Despite his unhumaness, The Monkey is not inhuman, and he makes sure that his victims do not suffer when they die. He also does not harm women and children, as he feels that he needs to prove that he is better than the human monsters who are his competitors. In fact, he is willing to help any woman or child who falls afoul his human peers, as it a) weakens their position and b) shows, once again, that he is better person that they are.
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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Dr. Hartwell Vandermeer Ph.D does not think of himself as a superhuman. In fact, he does his best not to think of his ... medical condition ... if he can avoid it. But others are desperately seeking him, because he is Patient Zero.

Dr Vandermeer is a Tenured Profesor of Prehistoric Archaeology at a local university. He is considered one of the leading lights in his field and his courses are eagerly sought by budding young archaeologists.

It was in an ancient clay pot that he found the Contaminant. He had a paper cut when he touched it, and it eagerly entered his bloodstream. How a fifty-thousand-year-old clay pot came to contain advanced nanotechnology is a mystery. Equally mysterious is how it remained active so long. But it was certainly active as it spread through the Professor's body, transforming him into a humanoid android.

Outwardly the Professor is perfectly normal. He eats, drinks, goes to the bathroom (breathing is optional). But his body is mechanical in nature - he can eat almost anything, is immune to poisions and disease, doesn't bleed or feel pain, and his nervous system is more like a computer than anything organic.

Dr Vandermeer does everything he can to keep up his pretense of a normal life - he buys groceries, teaches classes, picks up hookers. The notion that he is infecting the prostitutes he uses with nanotech and transforms them into mechanical beings never enters his mind. In fact, the notion that he is not a flesh-and-blood person often slips from his mind, even though he has killed to protect that secret more than once.

And the National Government, having discovered several of his victims, is trying to quietly locate the being they've dubbed "Patient Zero".

So Dr. Vandermeer continues to teach his classes and go about his mundane business. Teacher, scholar ... and destroyer of the human race.

Patient Zero
Dr. Hartwell Vandermeer Ph.D
250 points

Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 10 [0]; IQ 13 [60]; HT 10 [0]
Dmg. 1d-2 Th/1d sw, 2d electrical; BL 20; HP 15; Will 13; Per 15; FP 13
Basic Speed 5; Basic Move 5

Advantages: Academic Rank 3 (Tenured Professor) [6]
Nano-Plague Victim [231]
Patron (University, 9 or less; Minimal Intervention -50%) [5]

Disadvantages: Absent-Minded [-15]
Bad-Sight (Mitigator: Glasses -60%) [-10]
Delusion (Still Human) [-10]
Enemy (National Government, Hunter, 6 or less) [-20]
Loner (9 or less) [-5]
Odious Personal Habit (Wet Blanket) [-5]
Secret (Patronizes Hookers) [-5]
Secret (Patient Zero) [-30]

Skills: Acting (A) IQ-1 (1)-12
Administration (H) IQ [4]-13
Boxing [A] DX+2 [8]-12
Anthropology (H) IQ [4]-13
Archaeology (H) IQ [4]-13
Astronomy (H) IQ-2 [1]-11
Chemistry (H) IQ-2 [1]-11
Computer Operation (E) IQ+2 [4]-15
Computer Programming (H) IQ+2 [8]-15
Expert Skill (Prehistoric Archaeology) (H) IQ [4]-13
Geology (H) IQ-2 [1]-11
Housekeeping (E) IQ [1]-13
Linguistics (H) IQ [4]-13
Public Speaking (A) IQ-1 [1]-12
Research (A) IQ [2]-13
Savoir-Faire (Academic) (E)-IQ+1 [2]-14
Teaching (A) IQ-1 [1]-12
Writing (A) IQ [2]-13

Quirk: Disciplined [-1]
Easily Winded [-1]
Methodical [-1]
Nervous Stomach [-1]
Stereotype Professor [-1]

Nano-Plague Victim Template
231 points

HP+5 [10]; FP+3 [9]; Per +2 [10]

Advantages: Absolute Timing [2]
Digital Mind [5]
Doesn’t Breathe [20]
Doesn’t Sleep [20]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Intuitive Mathematician [5]
Modular Abilities (Computer Brain: 8 points) [38]
Not Subject to Aging [0]
Photographic Memory [10]
Signals (Electrical Pulses) [15]
Single-Minded [5]
Telecommunication (Cable Jack) [5]
Unfazeable [15]
Universal Digestion [5]
Vibration Sense (Active Electroreception) [10]

Advantages/Offensive: Claws (Talons) [8]
Electric Touch: Burning Attack 2 (Side Effect, Stunning, +50%; Surge, +20%; Costs 2 fatigue -10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%) [13]

Advantages/Defensive: Damage Resistance 9 (Flexible -20%) [36]
Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]
Injury Tolerance (No Blood; Unliving) [25]

Perks: Generator [1]

Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior (Disease-Spreading Behaviors) [-10]
Electrical [-20]
Infectious Attack (Claws) [-5]
No Skull DR [-2]
Reprogrammable [‑10]
Social Disease [-5]
Unhealing (Partial: Requires contact with metal/electronics) [‑20]

Quirk: Affected by Magnetism [-1]
Congenial [-1]
Dull [-1]
Oblivious [-1]
Staid [-1]

(A victim of the Nano-Plague can be reprogrammed and can interface with computers via USB cable. They can accept 8 points of skills this way. Note that Dr Vandermeer has Computer Programming skill of 15, adequate to create his own skill programs.)

(NOTE: Without the Nano-Plague and the related mental and social Disadvantages, Dr Vandermeer would be an 80-point character, suitable for use as an Expert NPC.)
"When you talk about damage radius, even atomic weapons pale before that of an unfettered idiot in a position of power."
- Sam Starfall from the webcomic Freefall

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