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Default Re: Analyzing Counters

Originally Posted by FireHorse View Post
The 'Roman Serpents Theory' sounded quite intriguing, for a moment there. I was thinking, "I wonder, why serpents? Is that a slander on Rome? Or a compliment? Is it a meta-reference to something from Roman history? What does it MEAN?"

And then you had to go spoil it all, with your crazy 'Alphabetical Order Theory'. Occam's Razor ruins the party yet again. ;)
Nah, I think we should stick with the Roman theory -- wasn't there some kind of officially sanctioned female snake cult in Rome? The Bona Dea or something like that? Had to do with fertility too. Hmmm. Now I wonder how that ties in with the serpent in the Garden of Eden...

(Turns out this Ken Hite conspiracy theory stuff is quite easy once you sit down and actually try it!) ;-)
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Tom H.
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Default Re: Analyzing Counters

Originally Posted by ParadoxGames View Post
3) I love Liz Danforth's art. I also love counters and made many, many of my own counters, not just for creatures, but for HP, XP, gold, weapons, lesser wishes, and other stuff. All my counters are in Pocket Box scale.

4) I like Melee Counter K; I named him "Kloak" for my adventures!
I was curious, so I checked my counters.

Melee 'K' is a green guy in plate. (PC Police: I can't be sure it's a guy. ;-))

Then I saw that you mentioned the Pocket Box.

I have the PDF files from that set. In there, there is a purple, bare-chested guy with a sword and cloak. I think you mean him.

That guy actually comes with my Wizard box.
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