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Target is Blurred needs a minus sign.

Main-Gauche isn't listed at all so doesn't give a DX penalty when defending.

DX Adjustment for Thrown Spell/Weapon Range includes "roll to miss", which does not apply to Thrown Spell as per "is no chance of hitting the wrong target" ITL 115.

Knocked down last turn: DX = 0 for most purposes; only try to stand/crawl this turn DX is zero for standing up after tripping due to slippery floor?

Missing "Most flying creatures may attack foes on the ground. This attack will also be at -4 DX:" from ITL 133

Fighter using a weapon in each hand and striking with both in the same turn: -4 on both attacks Does not match to "If you take an attack option, you can also make a separate dagger attack against the same enemy. It is rolled at -4 DX." ITL 111, "A figure with the Two Weapons talent can fight effectively with a regular weapon in each hand. A person who does not have this talent may attempt the same feat, but his DX will be -6 for each attack" ITL 111, and "attack with both weapons, at normal DX for the first attack and -4 for the second one" ITL 41. When exactly would -4 on both attacks apply?
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