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Default Re: "How Does Decks Of Destiny Work In A Game?"

I was asked at BGG:

Originally Posted by Brazen Hussey

What I'd be interested in, if you wanted to talk about it, is how your usual way of creating an adventure for your regular group was sub-optimal or frustrating and why you wanted these new tools, which ones you think you'll use the most, and why. But without run-on sentences like that one!
And answered! If you're interested, you can find my response here:

Please remember that Steve handled the bulk of the writing on Declks of Destiny. My response at BGG is solely my opinions and thoughts on the question.
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Default Re: "How Does Decks Of Destiny Work In A Game?"

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
If you've got questions about the newest Kickstarter campaign and how to use the assorted tools, this should help.

If you have more questions, please let us know!
Lots of fun ideas there, and all sorts of opportunities for outdoor adventuring, map-building and ship-themed exploration too, after adding some home-made cards.

Really looking forward to seeing what I have to work with, and what I can do to stretch it.
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