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Old 04-05-2019, 12:54 AM   #11
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Default Re: Is there a PDF version of the new TFT for sale?

Originally Posted by Axly Suregrip View Post
Charging with pole weapons and standing vs charge has changed in the new Melee. So, no it is not identical to the 1977 Melee. Some other sections are clearer.
I stand corrected. That's true. I think everything else, however, stayed the same, even when the subsequent rules were radically changed in Legacy ITL from the classic version.
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Default Re: Is there a PDF version of the new TFT for sale?


* New Melee has the improvements to the fallen body rules (they are broken ground to stand on, and can be stepped or jumped over/into using 3 MA to avoid rolling to trip).

* The 3/DX roll or fall down when forced to Retreat with nowhere to go was cut.

* 2-hex jabs added to basic Melee.

* Death moved from 0 to -1 ST.

* Unconsciousness moved from 1 to 0 ST.

* Plate armor reduced DX penalty to 5.

* Added Cloth and half-plate armor (with new DX penalty 4) to basic Melee.

* Dwarves lost their +1 Ax/Mace damage.

* Halfling bonus reduced to +2 for thrown weapon attacks.

* There is (a typo, I assume, as ITL did not follow suit) only 14 DX listed needed to cock a heavy crossbow in only one turn (rather than the 16 listed in I think every other weapon table ever printed).

* The new counters have a skull & crossbones on the back, so flipping them is for apparently-dead figues. New "prone" counters are used for figures that are just down but not out.

Maybe some other subtle bits.
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Default Re: Is there a PDF version of the new TFT for sale?

Originally Posted by mark hill View Post
if yes, where/how do I get it?
We have not yet released the PDFs for sale outside of previous Kickstarter campaigns. As a part of the Decks of Destiny project, on Kickstarter late this month, there will be an option to purchase the PDFs.

Please follow the Warehouse 23 Kickstarter account for notification when the Decks of Destiny campaign goes live:
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mark hill
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Default Re: Is there a PDF version of the new TFT for sale?

LOL! the death and unconsciousness numbers are the same as my home campaign has been using! weve also been using fatigue exceeding ST does not kill ya, just makes you unconscious .. probably got quite heretical out in isolation

Dwarves losing their +1 ax/mace .. that however we didnt do .. I had 'balanced' it by giving em base MA 8 and barring them from the Running talent (used Gimli's behaviour in the LotR films as a 'logical proof' justification for that .. like its a real thing LOL)

heavy xbow was 15 DX for 1shot/2turns .. I never was super comfy with that, wondered if it wouldnt be better that all crossbows were the same speed, but just needed more muscley guys to cock them .. for quite a while weve been using light ballista (4d6 damage) as a giant's crossbow, that they can fire 1/2turns (obviously they never get enuf DX to do it faster)

halflings got nerfed? aww lol .. I know a few exploit loving players who wont like that

I drew a buncha prone undead figures for 'Romero' type zombies .. the contagious disease kind that need headshots to destroy, like in most films .. normal damage equal to their ST we reckoned simply broke their spines, ruined their ability to walk and made em into MA 1 'crawlers'

is there any rules for heavier, high ST bows? Im really dyin to read them new rules

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