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Default Re: Two Weapons + Spike Shield?

I think the best thing is to choose how the RAW work in your game world and then apply them equally. I print out player handouts with specific rulings and tell my players, "This is how it works in my game." If they want to try and rules lawyer they can leave.

One issue I have had is players who take Talents without actually reading what they do, thinking "Well this has the same name as that in another game so it must work the same." I make sure player read the text, and any ruling documents, so they have a clear understanding how a talent works and what it does and does not allow.

I'm the kind of GM who believes that if the rules don't say YOU CANNOT DO THIS THING then you can try, and if I think a given Talent should allow you to do that thing or give a bonus, then I make a ruling for said thing, so long as the RAW doesn't say YOU CAN'T DO THAT THING.
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Default Re: Two Weapons + Spike Shield?

There was mention of "two weapons" talent being overly powerful, and maybe dumbing it down a bit.
Having played two fisted fighters since the 80s, I'd have to say there is a reason you dont see characters with this skill very often.

The attribute requirements to actually have the skill will keep many starting character types from choosing this.
A beginning character stands a much greater chance of surviving his first session, with a sword n board conventional character, lean his points towards ST & DX, grab some leather armor and fight with a defensive approach, and he'll live much longer than any two-fisted fighter.

In fact to make my next newbie lizard man survive long enough, to develop my envisioned twin blade wielder, I am having to do just that, and come out of the gate with a sword and board initially, and hope to live long enough, to develop my two weapon style that I've always played in the past.

A quick chime in regarding rules:
Play with what you will, but keep it balanced. A Two-Weapons trained fighter, "pays" for this option, that basic rule gives him a regular non-modified strike with his primary, like everyone else, then a -4 to hit with his off hand.

When ever I hear of ANY non trained Character attempting this even with two small weapons, I think strong negative modifiers to hit would be in place, like the -6 on both attacks.

When I start to hear anything less, like a -4 to each attack, I think...really, my high DX high IQ Trained fighter is -4 in his off hand, how on earth is Joe blow the same?

I'm opposed to anything less than the -6 in both attacks for unskilled fighting type practitioners.

A Main-Gauche is a specific parrying dagger, purposely designed to block blows, it should never be more than it is, it requires some knowledge of its use, and it is not just a dagger, but it is also far from a shield.
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