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Default Wizards, for your consideration, the Whip...

Last night our party found a magical flaming whip. Cool...
My wizard had been saving XP, and on consideration now has Whip talent and this item.

Why is a whip perfect for a wizard?
  • Low talent cost
  • Non-metal
  • With a wooden handle it can be enchanted as a staff (possibly?)
  • Range of 3, 4, or 5 hexes is perfect for a figure lurking behind the front lines
  • No DX penalty for intervening figures or distance
  • Indiana Jones/Link/Spiderman style swings (possibly??)!!
And here is what I believe to be the full variety of possible attacks:
  • Normal: no DX penalty, 1d-1 damage
  • Aimed shot to head: -6 DX, double damage, armor penetrating (ie 2d-2 armor penetrating)
  • Aimed shot to hand: -6 DX, 1d-1 damage and target drops weapon or shield in the hand, (penetrates shields and armor lighter than chainmail)
  • Neck "lasso": no DX penalty, 1d+2 damage
  • Arm "lasso": no DX penalty, no damage, and whatever is held by that arm is dropped
  • Wing "bolo lasso": -6 DX, flyer falls to ground and takes 1d damage
  • And of course the infamous Body "lasso": no DX penalty, knocks victim down

Thoughts welcome. I think we will go about this pragmatically, with the above as a starting point and then reduce normal whip abilities if they turn out as OP as they seem.
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