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Default Re: The Obligatory “How Did You Get Started in TFT” Thread

Originally Posted by tbeard1999 View Post
We're sorry but a minimum of 36 years' experience with TFT is necessary to qualify as an Old newbie.
YES! I finally qualify for something! Well, other than a complete nerd...

Yes, I know Tollenkar is misspelled. I did it on purpose. Apparently, I purposefully misspell words all the time...
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Default Re: The Obligatory “How Did You Get Started in TFT” Thread

In Jan of 1982, Guy McDonald invited me to play a game run by this skinny guy with long hair named Steve Jackson who was working at ASARCO in Hayden AZ. I had only every played AD&D at that point, but I was open to the idea. Well after being killed by another player and them resurrected I was hooked.

Later, Steve joined one of my games and hi-jacked the world, teaching me some important lessons in GMing.
So you've got the tiger by the tail. Now what?
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