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Default If the Dungeon Fantasy World was real...

I was thinking of what if the Dungeon Fantasy world was real, how would the cities and towns be? I have been interested in this because of what is happening politically in the USA now that the population has grown more diverse and the older groups feel threatened. What if instead of immigrants speaking Spanish or other languages there were monsters and evil races really threatening to wipe out the people living in towns and cities? All of the hostilities that are in the USA should be nothing compared to if there were monsters that threatened to kill everyone and even the gods that the people worship. Maybe the souls of the people would be in danger if the forces of evil prevail. So I am just thinking how the people would behave in this kind of scenario.

I would think the people in the towns would form militias and probably loosely work with the town guard to make sure evil forces donít become powerful near the town. I would also think that neutral supernatural forces would be shunned too because they are unreliable and they might help evil gain a foothold. So faeries would not be liked at all. Magic would also be shunned because it could summon demons and possibly lead a wizard toward evil. PCs going into dungeons stirring up evil monsters from the dungeon would also be strongly frowned upon. Militias might go and talk to the PCs and tell them to stop delving or else. Am I wrong about this? I just would feel that the townsfolk would be super suspicious of anyone new to the town let alone if they are bringing up artifacts of evil. What do you think? Thanks.
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Black Leviathan
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Default Re: If the Dungeon Fantasy World was real...

That's a bit more anthropological than Dungeon Fantasy is meant to handle. The skills and abilities you'd use to navigate that world really aren't present in the DF rules. It's really a game where race is a stat block and a cute RP background more than a Social Stigma or target for Intolerance.

We've done a lot of GURPS Fantasy where towns had signs at the gates that read "Dwarves not welcome" or elven cities where non-elves were allowed to see the splendor of the city from a high balcony but couldn't mingle with the elven people for the sake of "public decorum". Fantasy races are a good way to tell stories about racism or race politics the justification of racism in oppressed communities or the fear of us-versus-them.
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Default Re: If the Dungeon Fantasy World was real...

A lot of it depends on the assumptions of the world. The original dungeon rpgs tended to imply a dark age type world, almost post-apocalyptic. Under those circumstances, c ivilized cities and such would be oases of civilization in a wilderness filled with strange and alien monsters. On the one hand, forming militias to defend would make sense. On the other hand adventurers might be valued for bringing in treasure or clearing away threats. Of course then you'd have to justify specific templates.

If you wanted to make a more realistic world, it might make sense to modify or eliminate templates. Standard Dungeon Fantasy is all about giving players options - a more realistic world would limit to templates that made sense in the world. A kind of less is more approach.
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