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Default Re: [Heresy] Tanks for the space!

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Traveller engineers already seem to lack "normal" concerns about long-term storage of liquid hydrogen. To be specific, early 21st century Terra can't store LH2 for long periods of time. We have to make new LH2 before the current stock finishes leaking away. A human-sized door into the tanks would probably make that worse.
There are already human-sized access points into the fuel tanks. MegaTraveller has this to say about it:
Originally Posted by Players' Manual
Starship Fuel Tanks: No character may enter a full starship fuel tank containing liquid hydrogen. Immersion of a character in liquid hydrogen, even a character wearing a protective vacc suit or battle dress, results in the death of that character in the first turn of immersion. Of course, should the liquid hydrogen tank be empty, then characters may traverse it as normal.
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Default Re: [Heresy] Tanks for the space!

... which, in turn, is quoted almost verbatim from the Azhanti High Lightning rule book (p. 7).
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Default Re: [Heresy] Tanks for the space!

I see a couple canonical problems with using the fuel tank tonnage as rec space...

1: whatever tech it is that keeps them non-permeable to transpiration/tunneling (and it's resultant metal fatigue) is rigid.
1a: collapsible tanks have a penalty in cost: Cr500 per ton of collapsible tank
1b: collapsible tanks collapse to 1% of size when empty.

2: since there's a price penalty, this gets paid for in terms of increased payment and increased maintenance.

The actual increase is pretty negligible (under Cr100/month for Type A, type A2, and under Cr200/month for Type R).

But based upon Item 1, we can presume there's also complexity increases, and slightly higher failure rates. Just enough higher to be legislated by some bean-counters, and below the threshold of needing a roll.

WHich brings...

3: beancounters. It's likely regulated in most empires to have a fixed tonnage minimum. Probably fixed tankage required for J1 and 4 weeks PP1.
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