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Default [Technical Grappling] Faster Grip ST calculation for Extra Arms (and efficiency)

Greetings, all!

Looking at my crazy idea of seeing how TG handles a cephalopod, I realised what a slow, slow process the calculation of Grip ST is. (Figure number of limbs used in a given grapple [including which ones of them can be legally paired!], add, square, multiply, take a square root.) That seems tedious for something in the middle of a combat.

Instead, there's a shorthand way to do it without checking through the BL table.

Assuming we start with a two-armed creature, and that 'Base Grip ST' is the Grip ST of a two-armed grapple, adding more arms has the following effects:
  • Adding two (paired) arms is equivalent to +40% BGST.
  • Adding four (paired) arms is equivalent to +70% BGST.
  • Adding six (paired) arms is equivalent to +100% BGST.
  • Adding eight (paired) arms is equivalent to +120% BGST.
  • Adding ten (paired) arms is equivalent to +145% BGST.
  • Adding one (unpaired) arm is equivalent to adding +10% BGST.
  • Adding two (unpaired) arms is +20% BGST.
  • Adding three (unpaired) arms is +30% BGST.
  • Adding four (unpaired) arms is +40% BGST, like two paired ones.

How did I arrive at those numbers?

Based on TG rules, Extra Arms have diminishing returns for purposes of Grip ST / Control Points. The +2 per extra arm to all rolls to Grapple, Break Free, and to prevent an opponent's attempt to Break Free, OTOH, is still a very, very cool thing. The flat +2 ST to Choking being replaced with a percentile-and-diminishing bonus to Grip ST means that the whether Extra Arms are a point-efficient investment for boosting Choking will depend enormously on the number of arms and the base ST of the character.

Somewhat subtly, having Stretching and increasing your limb SM by 1 seems like the cheapest way of attaining +1 DX and +15% Trained ST from p. 9, as opposed to buying the Long enhancement to do the same (since you don't really need +swing for grappling except in rare cases).

Comments? Additions?
Thanks in advance!
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper
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