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David Bofinger
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Default Re: Game-world size of hexes

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
Chess, Go and Battleship are the only games of tactical movement and positioning that I can think of off-hand that treat movement and positioning on a square grid and that don't obviously suck.
And of those three, two don't use movement.

Also, grandmasters of chess and go are raising their eyebrows at the nekulturny parvenu that just turned up to the club.

But there are lots of traditional games that use square grids and they don't all suck.

The main advantage to TFT of hexes is that the range bins (range 0, range 1, range sqrt(3) & range 2, etc.) are much more distinct than they are for squares. For squares there's range 0, range 1, range sqrt(2), range 2, etc. and it's not obvious whether sqrt(2) goes with 1 or with 2.
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Default Re: Game-world size of hexes

If half hexes vex you, put furniture in them...
So you've got the tiger by the tail. Now what?
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