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Default Greetings from Russia! (custom card update)

Hello there, treasure seekers and monster slayers!

First time I played Munchkin was about... 3 years ago, I guess? We didn't play much, about 2 or 3 rounds. Time has passed, so once I've told my friend about this game, and we finally bought it. 4 players, everyone found the process really fun, and we bought 2 more addons to bring more content in our small party game. Personally I love creating some fresh sh*t, so I've asked myself: hey, why wouldn't you make some new stuff by yourself? So now we have to more custom addons - printed and rocking - I've brought to our board game :) Even if they still look a little different - I tried to copy the original art style, and make new cards quite balanced and playable with classic ones. I haven't checked all the released addons, so some of my cards could be similar with any official. So yeah, I've made and printed by myself 2 custom "DLC"s: about 80 cards each, a new race and 5 new classes, new mechanic of "Raid Bosses" - powerful creatures, which can be defeated by all the munchkins working together, and so on stuff :)

Have to say, all my cards are made in Russian, but at least you can look at the pics and tell - well, maybe I could send an archive, and someone would get THAT interested to even translate them. I could do it myself, or ask a friend for help, but that would take pretty much time I can spend making new ones, or doing my regular stuff. At least next time (and there WOULD be another updates - at least I've finished texts for 50+ new cards, that would be released next year), so I could provide you with a photoshop file, so you could easily rework the cards :)

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