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Old 03-06-2018, 01:15 AM   #1
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Default Thor like powers

I’m looking to bestow an ability to a fantasy character I’m running. He is already has elemental magic with ranger skills, and was recently in a battle with a truly powerful witch that summoned via a prepared ritual a god like call arcing lightning bolt to slay him and his party, 25 dice of damage. He tried to use power parry to deflect the arc aimed at him and it sort of worked as it appeared some was deflected, and part of it was “absorbed” into him, and then he took minor burn damage also. He has no idea why or how he was able to do that much.

In truth he is heavily touched with elemental power and he now absorbed true natural lightning and it now kick started a new elemental power akin to what was seen in the last Thor movie by marvel.

Can anyone help building the power or set? Maybe as levels so he can start with very moderate (not lesser) and work up to powerful like?

“Electricity Manipulation: Thor can generate, control and project electrical energy, with him thus being dubbed the "God of Thunder". Following Odin's death and visions from his father's spirit, Thor's electrokinetic powers are further enhanced to the point where he could generate electrical energy from his own body and summon thunder and lightning from the sky, all without the use of Mjølnir. His new ability allows him to seamlessly integrate lightning into his fighting sequences against Hulk in the Contest of Champions, and then later against Hela and her undead army. Indeed, Thor's generated lightning bolts were powerful enough to take down a Chitauri Leviathan, to blacken an Aether-enhanced Malekith, to send an enraged Hulk flying back, and to even temporarily stun Hela herself, all with a single respective blast. Additionally, he could pull enemies towards him using lightning and he was able to destroy a proportion of Rainbow Bridge that Hela was standing on to ultimately send her crashing down into the water beneath.”
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Default Re: Thor like powers

Well, I'd probably build the ability to call down lightning as a Burning Attack with Armor Divisor, Explosion, Overhead, and Surge. Everything else would be alternate abilities at 1/5 cost. Electrified skin would be a Burning Attack with Armor Divisor, Aura, Surge, and Melee Attack. Variable and Costs Fatigue would make sense too for any of these attacks.
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