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Mr Frost
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Default Re: Rescaling Melee Weapons (notes)

I did some more thinking and with the divisor of 20 and proposed armour divisor , thrusting does too little damage yet also penetrates too much armour in both the DouglasCole original and My proposed variant .

At Str 10 with a Spear in two hands or one hand overarm grip does 1D(2) impailing which penetrates even Jousting Mail and Medium Plate {Low Tech page 111} on an average roll .
Even with an All Out Attack He still only delivers 9 or 11 damage {depending on how the bonus is appilied} yet can now penetrate Light Mail layered over Heavy Mail !
That is not realistic , Jousting Mail being meant to stop couched lance and Str 10 being less than a real soldier would have possessed .

A Str 15 man with a Thrusting Broardsword does 2D swing cutting {average 10.5 damage , 14 to neck} , but only 1d thrust impaling {average 7 damage 10.5 vitals} .
If the only way for a thrust to equal the average damage of a cut to the average foe was to target the harder to hit Vitals , there would have been far fewer thrusting broadswords I think .

Realistically , edged thrusting weapons {even if the edge is only extends an inch from the tip} should do about the same damage to unarmoured torsos as cutting given they sever as they penetrate {unlike Piercing attacks} , are more likely to get deep enough to hit something important {even without hitting what G.U.R.P.S. vitals seem to represent} and as the target will likely move in pain will deliver yet more damage and again when withdrawn from the body .

I add a second suggestion that thrusting attacks use a Str divisor of 15 instead of 20 but drop the Armour Divisor .
If you really wish to have armour piercing weapons like estocs make them Piercing (2) as such should not be doing Impaling anyway {they just push the meat aside instead of cutting it} or simply Piercing with no divisor but a higher damage stat {which would probably be more realistic given the average such is likely Piercing+ anyway but a (2) armour divisor seems a bit high to Me} .
7 out of 10 people like me ,
I'm not going to change for the other 3 !

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