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Default I-Cop template

I'm trying to figure out the author's intention behind the I-Cop template in Infinite Worlds (p186) - specifically the paragraph of text before the details of traits. I can see two possibilities.

(a) The template is meant to represent someone recently out of the Academy, or with minimal training to begin duty in the chosen division, and the "add 30 or so points" is meant to represent the additional experience gained over the first year or so.

(b) It is meant to represent the professional side of a Patrolman with one year's experience - that's where the division skills come from, and the "add 30 or so points" just refers to making a more rounded character.

Option (a) seems a bit unlikely, in that both the 12 points of initial division training and the 30 points experience in one year seem on the high side. Option (b) seems to make a bit more sense, but then why bother with "add 30 or so points" when it completely depends on the level of the campaign? There's nothing special about a 185 point campaign! Most professional templates wouldn't be worded like that at all.

I know I can do what I like, and templates aren't rules; that's fine, but I really would like to understand the intent. Any thoughts?


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Default Re: I-Cop template

The template represents Academy training plus training for a particular division. It represents an I-Cop who has finished the Academy and training for a particular division, but hasn't served any on-the-job time in the division yet. The "30 or so points" are for I-Cops who have spent a year working in the field. This is your choice (a).

It doesn't assume all those division skills are gained within the first year of working in the division, plus 30 more points. It means after you get out of the Academy you train for your division, and the template is what you get after training is over but before you start working in the field. Division training is separate from on-the-job experience.
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infinite worlds

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