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Default Riding Combat

EDIT: This has been transferred from TFT section.

I have questioned the horse's momentum and the rules of engagement for it.

IT p 130 says Riding animals follow the same rules for engagement and disengagement as do foot warriors, with one exception: If a horse (normally a 2-hex creature) moves more than 8 hexes in a single turn and then engages a single man on foot, treat the horse as though it were a 3-hex creature. That is, the man on foot is engaged, but the horse and rider are not. This applies only to a single footman – two men on the ground would engage a horseman. The reason for this is the extra momentum of a rider at high speed. A single man cannot reasonably hope to engage a charging horseman – but he can engage one who was trotting or standing still, without the momentum to carry himself right past. The same applies to any other 2-hex riding animal.

It also states the following options for Riders and Mounts:
Move up to its full MA.
Move up to half its MA, and/or attack.

With the idea of a horse and rider is not engaged by a 1-hex figure (perhaps a soldier), it should be able to go the horse’s full MA right past the standing soldier and the soldier can’t do anything about it. I have a proposal for a ride-by that allows an attack by the horseman or the soldier.

The horseman’s player announces that he is doing a ride-by at a gallop (and must move at least 8 hexes up to the target,) with the intent of attacking (or the soldier attacking if so inclined) and then continuing past at least 8 more hexes this turn. [put a marker down if you wish, to remind you that this is a mid-move for the horse.]

During the Action Phase, do all combats as normal. If the soldier drops, he is prone. If the horse is killed, it drops in the next hex later this turn. If the rider is killed, roll to see if he immediately falls and lands in the next hex later this turn (or perhaps a few hexes further down if he is dragged by the horse).

After all combat is done this turn, the last thing is that the horse is placed at the end spot the horseman’s player had intended. Then the next turn starts.

If going that extra distance in #3 gets the horse "engaged" with another soldier while having moved less than 8 additional hexes, then it is engaged with the new 1-hex figure.

This seems to work if there are a few horses in the battle. I don't know how well it will work for a cavalry squad.
- Hail Melee

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