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Default Decoupling spells from styles

So there are a handful of spells that have been released so far that are tied to some kind of a magical style. These styles have lists of spells per "level/rank" of the style. So the special spells have listed requirements of something plus an "X amount of spells from a Y level" of the style spell list. If you were to port them into games with basic magic but no specific magical styles, how would you go about determining their prerequisites?
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Default Re: Decoupling spells from styles

Compare them to spells as similar as possible.
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Default Re: Decoupling spells from styles

I would likely increase the Magery requirement and add more spells in the required college. If itís still intended to be a rare spell despite the lack of magical styles, perhaps require an unusual background of 5-10 points to learn the spell in addition to prerequisites.
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Default Re: Decoupling spells from styles

There's a Pyramid article about turning Magic spells into secret spells.

Maybe use it to remove some of the power to make them regular instead of secret?
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