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Default Conan: Comrades and Big Items questions


I encountered a couple of questions while playing the other day. I want to see if the decision we made is in sync with what you guys do.

In my starting hand I had the following notable cards:
- Comrade: Prospero (You count as a Warrior or Noble if Prospero is in combat)
- Royal Aquilonian Armor (Big Armor -- can be wielded by only Warrior or Noble)
- Cask of Mead (Big 2 Hander)

#1) When Prospero is in play, can I wear "Royal Aquilonian Armor"?

#2) Can I play Prospero, equip him with the armor and then play Cask of Mead, so none of the two equipment gets lost? (2 big items).

#3) What happens when I lose Prospero, do I get to choose which between the armor and "Cask of Mead" to lose?

#4) Can I keep both the Cask and the Armor when I play "Comrade: Murillo (You count as Noble, if you are in combat)" to replace "Prospero"? Basically equip Murillo with the armor. If yes, what would be the steps?

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