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Default Re: Does a Reptile Man double their HTH damage before or after their UC/Brawling bonu

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
There are characters that don't start with fine silver daggers?

How else would you cut the throat of a werewolf in HTH?

Do were-state werewolves get the same HTH bonus as Reptile Men? Apparently they just get furry and have no claws or jaws...
In my experience, players chop werewolves into pieces very nicely without silver weapons. All silver does is prevent silver wounds from healing at 1 point per two turns, but since the players pour damage liberally onto werewolves much faster than that, it hardly matters.

Evidently, werewolves get no HTH bonus, but doubling their ST does tend to more or less double their HTH damage.

Originally Posted by zot View Post
Also, a brawler doesn't have to ready a dagger...
If you don't let it stack with the dagger +3 damage in HTH, it's also more or less a waste of time. i.e. it makes much more sense to let it stack.
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