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Default Some sort of 1h Duck, Munchkin Impossible

I don't recall the name of this card, but basically it says this:
+1 combat bonus
You may roll a d6 * 200 to determine the worth of the duck. But you may only roll on your turn.

If a curse making the cursed player discard an item, and then every other player must discard an item or items to reach the value of the item discarded by the cursed player.

Player 1 discards item of 500g.
Player 2 rolls dice to determine value of duck, it is >500, gives duck away to satisfy curse.

Question: Can the possessor of the duck, roll to determine the value of the duck in order to give that item away, or would the duck always be 200g until it's his turn, then he can roll to adjust it's value for that turn only?
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