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Default When does my turn end?

When my turn ends is an important question for Munchkin Zombies (with Voodoo Mojo).

I've found a couple of posts on the topic, but the implied answers don't seem consistent with the rules.

So... when does my turn end? Is it:
when I say so? (I can't see that anywhere in the rules).

Immediately after I discard cards for charity? This is perhaps implied by rules, but the rules also suggest that there is no charity if you have five cards or less, so when does your turn end if you only have five cards?
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Default Re: When does my turn end?

When I play your turn ends when you say you're done or do something to that effect. Usually the player needs to do something to indicate they are done so the next player knows when to start. If it's getting late we may declare a move done while someone is dispersing charity if the next player won't receive it to keep the game moving, but again there's agreement that it's okay.
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Default Re: When does my turn end?

The Charity phase really boils down to this:
If you have more than 5 cards, you must play cards that you can legally play to get down to the limit, or give away or discard the excess (depending on your Level in comparison to other players). If you have 5 or less, you can still play cards that you can legally play. Once you've determined what you're going to play, give away, or discard (if you're lowest Level or tied for lowest) and done all of that, then your turn is over.
So, in the end, you still have to make some decisions. If you're giving cards away or discarding them, you've clearly got a hard edge concerning when your turn ends: Once you've given away/discarded cards, your turn is over. If you are at or under the limit, it comes down to you saying, "I'm done," once you've finished deciding which, if any, cards you might play and playing those cards.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: When does my turn end?

I want to reiterate that there is NO window between someone saying "I'm done" and the next player's turn starting. If I'm trying to do something before your turn is over, and you say "I'm done," I'm out of luck -- I can't say, "Wait, before you finish, let me do what I wanted to do."
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