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Default Re: Protection from Evil vs. Eye of Death

Originally Posted by Tom H. View Post
Oh cool, I was looking for just such a "cosmic" reference, but didn't think to go back to the DF line source.

It started to dawn on me that the truly evil label on the Eye of Death may be a bit irrelevant with its special features.

Would that label even be able to come into play at all? I haven't researched all the ways.

Turning seems to require undeath in addition to evil.

Even the Holy Warrior's Resist Evil ability (Adventurers, p. 27) may not apply if you deem the Death Gaze's cosmic nature as eluding the requirement that said innate attack be supernatural.
A list of Stuff That Cares about True Evil:

The Cleric's Detect Evil lets them find evil even if it's hidden, and know roughly how strong it is and (if you're lucky) specific details.
The Cleric's Turning works on truly evil undead and keeps them away from you.
The Holy Warrior's Resist Evil gives bonuses to resist rolls against the innate supernatural abilities of truly evil critters. This probably works against Eyes of Death.
Code of Honor (Chivalry) requires you to defend civilization against evil.

Monster reaction rolls get an extra -5 if the monster is truly evil and the delver is good (example given is demon vs. holy warrior).
Taunting evil monsters uses Religious Ritual.

Sense Evil detects beings and items imbued with true evil.
Protection from Evil gives DR and MR against creatures of pure evil.

There's also Intolerance (Evil religions) and Code of Honor (Gentleman's), but the groups those cover generally aren't the Truly Evil ones. Generally. I could see a Lich Evil High Priest, admittedly.
Note also that Honesty does not apply to the "'laws' of Evil".

There's not a lot of mechanical interactions, but there's a few.

I think the only ones here that apply to the Eyes of Death would be reaction rolls, taunting with Religious Ritual, and Resist Evil.
If they're hiding Sense Evil and Detect Evil can find them, and if they're a danger to civilization Code of Honor (Chivalry) somewhat forces you to engage.
Turning does not apply (they aren't undead), and neither does Protection from Evil (it's an innate monster ability). Intolerance and Code of Honor (Gentleman's) seem exceedingly unlikely to matter.
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Tom H.
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Default Re: Protection from Evil vs. Eye of Death

Nice index Neveron.
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eye of death, protection from evil

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