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Default Re: Dealing with Demons

Originally Posted by rossi123 View Post
As opposed to the D&D-like methodology of "here is THE rundown of the evil spirits, and their details, powers, and alignments...", I'd lean toward one that was a toolbox that enables a GM to make their own one of a kind devil setup that suits their necessities and that their players can find in play.

Or then again, one that expounds curiously some way or another on TFT-style evil presences as opposed to progressively Christian-like devils. That is, something that clarifies these inquisitive non-denominational amazing animals from another plane that can be called by non-denominational mystic spellcasting and that are angry and dubious and are otherworldly yet can just transport and give those odd wish things, etc... what's their plane like, what really matters to them, do they have motivation, and so forth and so on
Exactly my feelings too.
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Default Re: Dealing with Demons

Monster Alphabet is a great resource for quickly cooking up fun demons
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