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Default Re: Rakshasa Throwing Weapons

Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post
I'd just use that stats for shuriken.
Quoits fly much further and weigh more than either of the Shuriken listed in GURPS and I imagine that this holds true even with a sharp rim.

The smallest chakri that look effective are about 3-5 ounces, i.e. Weight 0.2-0-3 lbs. But I'm wondering if it's too favourable to give such light projectiles thr-1 cut when there is merely a shapened rim, not spiky protrusions that focus force on the point of impact, and I should be reserving thr-1 cut for Weight 0.5 lbs. chakri.
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Default Re: Rakshasa Martial Arts

It's not necessarily Rakshasa-fighting, but I did draw up a martial art for felines, anthropomorphic/furry feline types, and humanoids wishing to mimic feline fighting styles:

Wild Feline Style

Acrobatic Stand
Attack From Above
Ground Fighting
Low Fighting

Cinematic Skills:
Flying Leap
Light Walk
Parry Missile Weapons
Hypnotic Hands
Cinematic Techniques:
Dual-Weapon Attack (Unarmed or Claws)
Springing Attack

Biting Mastery
Ground Guard

Optional Traits
Teeth (Sharp)
Combat Reflexes
Enhanced Dodge
Easy To Read

Body Language

The Wild Feline style is representative of the way that large (or small) cats in the wild fight against one another or other threats and foes. It is almost entirely instinctual for the animals that use it, and only slightly less so for those that learn the style intentionally. With Wild Feline style, speed is the key and focus of the fight - All-Out Attacks are common, as are Double Attacks or Rapid Strikes. Wrestling is very common - often two cats will trade a few swatting strikes, to 'soften up' the opponent and distract them, and then one will launch themself towards their opponent with a Flying Leap or Springing Attack and bear them to the ground. Once on the ground, Wrestling becomes very important, as both combatants will fight to hold the other down while biting from the clinch. Often, after grappling on the ground or exchanging blows, the fighters will spring apart and reset, ready to go another round. While not in the actual grapple, the two combatants will watch each other closely, sizing up the opponent and biding their time, looking for the perfect moment to strike. Attacks are frequently, if not exclusively, long periods of Feints and Evaluates, followed by All-Out Attack.
Non-animal users of the style learn striking (Brawling) and Grappling (Wrestling), although often grappling is used only to pin or hold the opponent to make bites more effective. Acrobatic Stand is used to get to one's feet after the 'spring apart', and Attack from Above is often used to surprise an unwary opponent. Cats use a lot of 'launching' attacks, so Breakfall can be VERY handy. Wild Feline style is almost entirely offensive, with very few defensive postures, so counterattack is de rigeur.
Non-feline practitioners often grow and file their fingernails into sharp points, thus adding the Claws advantage. Some go so far as to do likewise with their teeth, to maximize their biting ability from the clinch. They learn to carefully read their opponents, and develop their bodies to become incredibly limber and acrobatic. However, some take the feline mindset a little farther than perhaps they should, taking on some of the less desirable traits of the creatures from which they learn their fighting skill.
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