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Default [Sorcery] Magicpunk 2028 - help?

So my latest idea for a setting is a cyberpunk-ish dark future (2028, say) of near-failed-state America, EXCEPT replace advanced tech with Sorcery. So far, not many people have magic, but that number is rising. The only way to access magic is to make a pact with one of three demi-Godling spirits...and that pact takes the form of an extra drawback on spellcasting. You only get one drawback/pact, and you cannot change it.

Each spirit has their own drawback, they are;
1) Injury whenever you cast a spell - lost of HP. And yes, it is painful.
2) You have the aura of a pariah or something unnerving. People, even friends and family, hate and fear you by instinct while you have spells active and/or casted a spell - reaction penalties and penalties to influence skills.
3) You suffer Banes whenever you cast spells and/or have spells active. Banes are supernatural and exotic disadvantages that limit your behaviour, make you freaky, or harm you unusually (Unnatural Features, Weirdness Magnet, Bad Destiny, Unluckiness, Compulsive Behaviour, Divine Curse, Bad Smell, Vows, Vulnerability, Dread, Draining, Dependency, etc.). Think weaknesses of fairies, vampires, werewolves, spirits, and other odd supernatural creatures.

Some help with this concept;

1) How should I model the drawbacks in game mechanics? Limitations on just Sorcerous Empowerment or more than that?

2) I can't think of good slang that the magical subculture would have - suggestions?
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