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Default Petrification

Petrification is an honored monster attack from Greek myth to Modern RPGs.

This would be turning one who beholds the monster, into stone.
Medusa, Cockatrice, basilisks...

Except New TFT ITL p80 has Basilisks that "freeze" people. (probably this way in the old version too.)

Also I note that it is the Basilisk's gaze that is LOS attack, not the victim's gazing at the basilisk. So it can do an attack on someone from behind, who doesn't have a chance to look at it.

Sure, I can house rule interpret that "freeze" means petrify.

In the future Monster Manual, will there also be a Classic petrification?

you thoughts?
- Hail Melee

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Default Re: Petrification

Unless your character is an IQ 19 Goblin who can free herself.
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