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Default Re: Alternate Versions of Inifinite Worlds

The Temple of the Future Buddha was the focus of a system of alternative worlds in Moorcock's A Nomad of the Time Streams.
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Default Re: Alternate Versions of Inifinite Worlds

Infinite Games

Infinite Worlds is the latest MMVR (Massively Multiplayer Virtual-Reality). The aim of the game is to secure timeline for resources (and occasional tourism or scholarly work). As is tradition there are two sides, yet neither is strictly "good' or "evil": Infinity Unlimited is for players who want the challenge of having to deal with being secretive and navigating a tangled bureaucracy, while Centrum is for the straightforward players and those who disregard the idea of a "non-interference clause". (Reich-5 exists for those times the devs want an enemy both sides can agree to fight.)

And you could run an entire campaign like that of just (sort of) friendly competition. Or you could start having people disappear into the "game". Which might not quite be just a game.....
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infinite worlds, infinte worlds

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