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Default Charity - Face Up or Face Down


The cards you give away during charity, are they supposed to be face up or face down or can the person giving the cards decide?

Sorry if it was already posted somewhere or if it's stated in the rules... Must have missed it then.
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Default Re: Charity - Face Up or Face Down

I am surprised the rules do not refer to that. But as the rules state that you can show your hand to other players if you like I would argue that the player giving the cards away for charity can do so face up or face down and the person receiving the charity can decide to show the cards received...
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Charity - Face Up or Face Down

The rules are silent on the issue so it is up to the Charity-giver. That said, usually there's less tactical advantage to showing the cards, so most people give them face down in my experience.
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Default Re: Charity - Face Up or Face Down

Honestly, I don't know that there's a requirement for one or the other. The rules had stated in the past (ETA: And to this day) that you could show your whole hand to everyone, and we couldn't stop you, but that's because we actually can't. It's usually in your own best interest to keep your hand cards private, but sometimes, it doesn't matter because you have a face-up draw as part of your turn every turn, so most people usually know what some of your cards are.

What I will say, with respect to playing at home, and not a tournament (which is more likely to define a specific rule), is be consistent, otherwise you could generate the appearance of collusion with one player to team up against the others, and that could make things seem unfair, which will always ruin the fun. Even then, being consistent doesn't mean always one way or the other (though that would be easier), just make sure that you're not only ever treating some players one way, some the other.
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charity phase

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