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Old 12-09-2014, 03:51 PM   #1
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Default Two "owners" both abusing the rule? PLEASE HELP

Ok before I start, I need to point out that I say "owners" because my friend and his brother both "own" the game (his brother bought it as a gift for him but I guess still demands part- or half-ownership, idk).

Every time I used to sit down with them (I have since stopped playing with them for this reason), they would create "table rulings" as they call it for how certain cards work, bending and ignoring rules to their satisfaction, and generally making the game less fun for everyone except themselves. Even after showing them both the rulings in these forums, on the rules page themselves, etc, they both always bring up the "owner having last word" line. They tell me that that single rule LITERALLY overrules all other rules listed in the rules.

They only play by certain rules they like and totally reject rules they don't like. And whenever I point out real rules and why I won't play, they simply tell me to shut up and that I'm "being a baby about it."

How does the community feel about this matter? Has it happened to anyone else? They literally won't listen to a word I have to say... Is the "owner having last word" rule THAT all-powerful? ...was I wrong at all to argue my points?

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last word, owner

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