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Default Saminga's efforts toward the Kyriotate Resonance

Saminga has decided that while his Shedites can possess a Skeleton, it is sort of a waste since they should be able to possess more. I mean, it isn't like multiple skeletons would have different viewpoints... And besides when Armageddon does come, Saminga himself should be able to bring the dead to life by his own will, Mwahaha.

So his researches have attempted to fulfill Saminga's wishes and they *have* succeeded.
*On the Corporeal Plane Take three sets of bones, *carefully* organize them so that the resultant Skeletons have equal bones from each set. (head from A, spine from B, Pelvis from C, etc).
*Have three different Demons who can create skeletons perform a new co-operative version of the rituals to create Skeletons at the same time
*add one 9-force Shedite of Death with Bound/6.
Voila! The only problem is that it only works about 1 time in 2000.

But they've got lots of bones, they've got lots of time, and Saminga is happy to supply Shedim who have possessed Humans and then got caught between Band Dissonance and Word Dissonance.

What's really going on here?
The problem is that the cooperative version of the ritual is serving as a +8 modifier for summoning the Archangel of Death. If the Shedite wants to redeem, then AA of death is quite happy to have a Kyriotate of Heavenly Death in place as a spy where Samingans are *never* going to look for one. If not, well, watching Shedim explode is at least interesting the first 50 or 100 times. (The AA of Death makes *no* disturbance on coming to the Corporeal plane.)

Two different Malakim of Yves have reported the oddity of having disturbance from Skeltons be heavenly, so Destiny has more of a clue on this than anyone else, but the AA of Death doesn't share much with the Seraphim Council.

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Rocket Man
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Default Re: Saminga's efforts toward the Kyriotate Resonance

Ooooh! I may have to pass this one on to my co-GM; she's had an AA of Death active (if very, very quietly so) in her plotlines in the past.
“It's not railroading if you offer the PCs tickets and they stampede to the box office, waving their money. Metaphorically speaking”
--Elizabeth McCoy, In Nomine Line Editor

Author: "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger"
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Default Re: Saminga's efforts toward the Kyriotate Resonance

Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
Ooooh! I may have to pass this one on to my co-GM; she's had an AA of Death active (if very, very quietly so) in her plotlines in the past.
All the more appropriate for this plot-hook: my version of Azrael is himself a Kyriotate (based on descriptions of the Angel of Death in Jewish folklore). When those Samingans find out why their cooperative necromancy has gone horribly wrong... bwahahahaha!
Ingeborg S. Nordén
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kyriotates, saminga

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